How to Navigate the ASSISTments Pilot

**NOTE** This feature is in beta mode, which means it is only available to certain Summit Learning Platform users**

What is ASSISTments?

ASSISTments will autoscore many questions in your Illustrative Math exercise sets to save you time, give your students real-time right/wrong feedback as they work, and tell you which problems your students are struggling with so you can target your instruction more effectively. To get a picture of what ASSISTments looks like, check out this 4 minute video. Based on a small initial pilot last year, we think using ASSISTments will be a positive experience. 

Where can I find more information about ASSISTments? For more information about ASSISTments you can view this training slide deck or visit their website

How to Assign an ASSISTments Exercise Set

  1. Assign one or more Exercise Sets from a project to your student.
  2. Find the Exercise Set you just assigned in the Overview tab or Feedback tab and click the “Set up” button. This will take you to ASSISTments where you will need to configure the assignment.
  3. In ASSISTments, select (or deselect) the problems/questions you want your students to complete, then click “Assign” to bring up the ASSISTments assignment modal.
  4. On the ASSISTments assignment modal, make final configurations for the assessment and click “Assign”. The Exercise Set is now ready for your students to access.

How to Review Exercise Set results

  1. Navigate to the Feedback tab for the project which has the ASSISTments Exercise Set.
  2. Find the Exercise Set in the left hand menu and click the report for the section where your students are enrolled.
  3. View the results of students’ assessments, and when finished close the ASSISTments tab to return to the platform.

How does a student complete an Exercise Set

  1. A student will navigate to the project and Exercise Set that you configured.
  2. A student will click on the Exercise Set and complete the assignment on ASSISTments, then close the ASSISTments tab when they are finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the ‘View As Student’ feature to see exercises I assigned to my students?

The View As functionality has not yet been turned on for the ASSISTments pilot. While your students will be able to see the link for them to go to the ASSISTments Exercise Set, when you view it as a student you will not be able to see that they have access to it. That said, ASSISTments does have the ability to let you preview individual problems and problem sets as a student. Here is the link to a Help Center article that covers how to do this from the embedded ASSITment portal: 

How do I assign ASSISTments to a new student that is joining my class where I’ve already assigned the exercise set?

Once your new student is added to your section, and you have assigned the Math Unit and appropriate cooldowns to them, they will automatically be enrolled in your ASSISTments Exercise Set. When you go to the Feedback tab and select your Math section, once this student opens their ASSISTments Exercise Set, you should see their information show up in your data. 



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