Updates to the School Data Dashboard

The School Data Dashboard is now supported by a data visualization tool called Looker. This update —which includes a new overall look and feel, the ability to download data from the dashboards, and more ways to drill down into specific metrics — makes it easier for you to get the data you need to make informed decisions around coaching and supporting teachers. To learn more about our partnership with Looker, please see Third-Party Service Providers.

This article specifically contains information about the changes to the dashboard. In this article, you can find information about: 

What is not changing?

General navigation

You will still navigate to the new dashboard in the same way as the original dashboard, and the buttons on the new dashboard will take you to the same places. To read an overview of the dashboard, please see School Data Dashboard Overview - New.

Metrics and calculations

All metrics and their calculations will remain the same. We will not be removing or adding any metrics with this change. To see how metrics are calculated please see Glossary and suggestions to try for the School Data Dashboard.

Data update frequency

Currently, the dashboard updates once every 24 hours. This will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. While the new dashboards will include a "Reload" button, this will only reload the page, it will not refresh the data. 

What is changing? 

Overall Look and feel

With the move to Looker, some of the dashboard elements will be changing in style. This includes some elements such as the size of the graphs and the arrangement of metrics. Please note: the metrics and how they are calculated will not be changing. See below for a few examples: 

Original Dashboard (Home Page)


New Dashboard (Home Page)


Original Dashboard (Grade drill down)


New Dashboard (Grade drill down)Screen_Shot_2022-09-15_at_1.49.38_PM.png 

Download from the dashboard

School Leaders will now be able to download reports directly from the dashboard. Previously, data on this page was only viewable, but now you can download lists of students that apply to specific metrics.

The dashboard can only be exported via CSV file at this time.



More drill downs to lists of students 

You will now have more ways to drill down into specific metrics. You can click into the bars of each metric, as well as the metric itself, to see lists of students you could see in the original version. 


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