List of Pre-Recorded Videos (Fall 2022 Platform Ambassador Back to School training)

Here you will find a list of pre-recorded videos we hope you can watch before the training. The knowledge you gain from these videos will aid you in your support of your colleagues as you answer any questions they may have. We highly recommend you watch all the videos before the live training, but if you are short on time, don’t worry—the information in them continues to be valuable after the training and beyond!

Title Description and Length Link to Video

[2 min] Introduction to the Platform Ambassadors video series.

Topics: What to expect during this video series, when to watch it, and how to get support.

Educator Tools

[5 min] Learning Space, Learning Strategies, and Habits of Success

Topics: Learn how to navigate the learning space, how to create your own editable documents, and find asynchronous learning experiences and strategies that you can take at your own pace!

Student Experience

[11 min] Announcements, Week Page, Progress Page, and Year Pages

Topics: Review the key components of the student experience on the platform: where they access their course content, grades, goals, and mentoring pre-work.

Curriculum & Courses

[23 min] Course Grid, Course Overview, Students Tab, Assessment Tab, Goals Tab, Cours Editing and Copying, Course Planner

Topics: Review where to find courses on the course grid, the high-level components of a course, how to make copies of courses, how to edit courses, and explore a new feature, the Course Planner.


[47 min] Project Overview, Editing Projects, Plans Tab, Assigning Projects, the Feedback Tab, the Learners Tab

Topics: Go in-depth on the structure of projects and plans, how to edit them, and how they are updated. Learn all about Assigning Projects. Explore the Feedback tab and Learners Tab.

Math Units

[24 min] Overview of Math Units, Plans of Math Units, Giving Feedback in Math Units, Portfolio Problems, and End of Unit Assessments

Topics: Learn about math-specific features on the platform and see how they differ from projects.

Focus Areas

[25 min] How Students See Focus Areas, Editing Focus Areas, Approving Content Assessments, Mastery & Exemption, How Focus Areas are Updated

Topics: Explore Focus Areas from the student and teacher sides. Learn how to make edits to Focus Areas, how to approve content appointments, and how to grant mastery and exemption. Understand how Focus Areas are updated on the platform.


[25 min] Setting up Mentoring Sections, the Mentoring tool, Pre-work and Mentoring Agendas, Mentoring Data, and Common Questions

Topics: Learn about how mentoring functions on the platform. We’ll start from scratch by setting up a mentoring section, building to a tour of the mentoring tool including its insights, capabilities, and data, ending with common questions such as how missed check-ins, auto-advancing agenda, non-instructional days, and mentor access to Specialized Support Profiles.

Readiness Checks

[13 min] Readiness Checks: Overview, Student’s Experience, Assignment, Progress, Results, Insights, and Reminders

Topics: Learn how to use our newest pilot feature, Readiness Checks.

Supports for Diverse Learners

[24 min] Specialized Support Profiles; Accessibility Resource Bank; Content Assessment Translations, Text-to-Speech, and Reduced Questions; Additional Technical Tools for Diverse Learners

Topics: Learn about the Specialist’s role on the platform, the Specialist’s Hub, and Specialized Support Profiles. Explore additional resources and guidance in the Accessibility Resource Bank and Help Center. See where translations and accommodations can be made to Focus Area content assessments to support diverse learners.

Data & Privacy

[8 min] How and where can I see data

Topics: Learn how much data admins vs teachers have access to, explore the Data Downloads page, and the Launch Metrics/School Data Downloads page.


[13 min] Grading policy, module, and weights

Topics: Learn how cog skills, math concepts, and portfolio problems are graded, how grades are weighted and how to edit the weights, and what the status of their grading means on the platform.

Setup, Mock Student, & Student Progress Views

[12 min] Setup page, Mock Student View, and Student Progress Page

Topics: View the different cards in the Setup page (as a teacher), diving into areas where it’s editable by the teacher. Also diving into Mock Student setup, and checking student progress in Student Progress Views.


[17 min] Introduction to Notebooks

Topics: Learn what Notebooks is and where to find Notebooks (including the Demo Notebook) and find what the Feedback tab Status updates mean. You can find out more information on the tools to edit Notebooks and the accessibility tools built within and ways you can leave dynamic feedback for your students.



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