Course Planner FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Course Planner. If we’re missing something, please let us know so that we can add it here. 

Why can’t I create/edit a Course Plan?

Course Plans can be created and edited by teachers with the Curriculum Author role. Once plans are created, they’re visible to all teachers (regardless of their role) at your school.

What if another teacher and I teach the same course? 

If you teach different sections of the same course → We recommend creating your own plan with the Course Planner if you intend to teach the course differently. To do so, be sure to create your own copy of the course.

If you co-teach the same section of the same course → We highly recommend designating one teacher to create the plan so that there’s one plan for the course. Please be aware that any teacher with the Curriculum Author role can edit a plan, so we suggest communicating with one another when edits need to be made to avoid confusion. 

Who can see updates I make to my plan? 

All teachers at your school have the ability to see Plans made through the Course Planner, including school administrators and specialists. Students, however, will not have access to your Course Plan. 

How are total instructional blocks calculated?

To calculate instructional blocks, the Course Planner takes into account the number of times your course meets and the total number of weeks in your platform calendar. 

If my administrator changes the school's calendar dates, will I receive a notification to update my plan?

At this time, we have not yet built the functionality to notify you of a calendar change. If you know your school’s calendar will change, we recommend checking the Planner regularly to see how those changes impact your plans. 

Are holidays and non-instructional days accounted for in the Course Planner?

The Course Planner is based on your school’s calendar dates and your total instructional blocks. If your school’s platform calendar includes holidays and non-instructional days, those will be reflected in the Course Planner.  
Please note that if your school's calendar has not been set up yet, the Course Planner will use default calendar dates. Once your school's calendar is set up, you'll see it reflected in your Course Plan.

Will the Course Planner integrate my semester/quarter course dates?

The Course Planner is not yet available for semester/quarter courses. Stay tuned! 

What will be updated in my course when I make changes to my Course Plan?

Your course will reflect your Course Plan–in other words, your Course Plan’s projects (added or deleted) and the order of those projects will be shown in your course. 

Will I be notified if another teacher makes an edit to my Course Plan?

At this time, we have not yet built the functionality to notify you of an edit to a plan. If it’s likely that other teachers will teach the same course, we recommend creating a copy of the course to get your own Course Planner.

My school schedule changes on a biweekly basis (or is not consistent). How should I enter my weekly instructional periods? 

The instructional periods are designed to provide you with an estimate of how much time your students will be spending on the course. We suggest providing an average number of instructional periods for any given week.

I copied my course so that I could have my own course plans, but I’m still not seeing it in my left menu. 

In order for a course to show up in your left menu, the course must be attached to a section. Please contact your School Leader if you need assistance creating a section for your course. 

Can I create a plan for a course in a past academic year?

No, the Course Planner is designed to help you plan current year courses. If you’d like to use a course from a previous year, we recommend that you copy the course into the new academic year.

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