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Note: This new page is currently in Beta Testing and may not be available to all teachers at your school. Stay tuned as it’s released to more teachers.

Course Page Overview 

The New Course Page design is an updated experience within our platform for teachers, offering a consolidated location within the platform for teachers to take key actions related to the courses they teach. The Courses Page is personalized to each teacher, their courses, and requests coming in from their students, allowing teachers to more efficiently execute on tasks and access information most relevant to them.  


To access the new Courses page, click on Curriculum from the left menu, you'll be able to click “Courses” and access the new courses page. On the courses page, you will be able to access: 

    • My Courses: the courses currently mapped to the sections you teach you have assigned to students with your sections 
    • Recent Student Requests: the most recent feedback and/or assessment requests from your students
      • Note: SDL facilitators (who do not teach sections mapped to courses) will not see content assessment requests in this view. They will still need to use the Assessments tab within their Student Progress views to approve content assessment request
    • Browse By Grade: search through courses within specific grade levels or across all grade levels on our platform


My Courses Section 

Within the “My Courses” section, you will now have the ability to access the courses you teach at the top of the courses page. The courses you teach will be displayed in “course cards”, that allow you to see the following pieces of information:

  • Course Subject and Course Grade 
  • Course Type: verify whether you are using the old version of a course, or if you’re using a recommended course. See why we recommend using the most up to date version of a course
  • Which other teachers at your school also teach that course 
  • Action Row: houses shortcuts in which you can hover over the ‘students icon” to access a list of students assigned to your course, student progress, and grades and the “assessments icon” to access content assessment requests and activity 


For educators who do not have any sections mapped to courses (including new teachers, grade system managers, specialists, and admins) new teachers who have not assigned any courses to students, the courses page will display the following: 


Recent Student Requests Section

Within the “Recent Student Requests” section, teachers will be able to see and access the most recent feedback requests or content assessment requests that their students have sent in for the courses you teach. Requests are organized by course, and each course corresponds to a different tab (that contains the course's respective requests). 

  • The focus areas and projects/units that have the most recent requests will be automatically updated on the courses page. 
  • The orange notification next to each course name quickly highlights which courses have pending requests
  • Projects/units or Focus Areas with pending requests will be displayed in “cards”, that allow you to see the following pieces of information:
    • The type of request that came in
    • When the request came in
    • Scoring requests

The empty state card will show on a course-by-course basis, and only conveys that there are no active requests within a single course. If there are other courses with pending requests, their tab will feature an orange notification dot as well:



Browse By Grade Section

Within the “Browse By Grade” section, teachers will be able to:

  • Browse by a specific grade level
  • Browse all grade levels
    • After selecting the “all grade levels” card, teachers will be taken to the old course grid layout



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