What are recommended courses?

Recommended courses are the latest versions of the Base Curriculum. We highly recommend using these courses so that you and your students are using the highest-quality, latest versions of courses that are maximally aligned to the Summit Learning pedagogical model.


Here’s a quick summary of how “recommended courses” (i.e., the latest versions of courses) benefit your teaching practice: 

  • Improved projects to better support teacher facilitation and optimize student engagement with hands-on learning.
  • Alignment to national standards for the current academic year. 
  • New differentiation options based on your students’ progress data.
  • Quality improvements to ensure you and your students have a smooth experience when engaging with the content of this course—such as not running into technical hiccups like broken links or outdated resources.

When you teach with recommended courses, you’ll also be able to easily keep your projects updated with the latest curriculum improvements throughout the year. Our Curriculum Team regularly reviews the projects within the latest courses to ensure they’re of the highest quality and best supports the Summit Learning instructional model. Updates will be available twice a year so that you can easily review and apply the latest updates to your course.

To learn more about these twice-a-year updates, visit our article on Accepting Base Curriculum Updates.

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