Reducing Content Assessment Questions

Platform admins can adjust the number of questions on Content Assessments for students with legally mandated learning needs (i.e. students with IEP/504/ELD plans) that require shorter assessments. When you enable this support for a student, the assessment questions are reduced across all objectives, rather than by individual objectives. This ensures that a similar level of content is still being covered in an assessment.

How to reduce Content Assessment questions for an individual student:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Students.
  3. Search for the student you want to make this adjustment for and click the three dots to open their settings.
  4. Scroll to Available platform supports.
  5. Go to the Reduce Questions in Content Assessments, then click Edit. Screenshot
  6. Under Course name, search for the course that you would like to enable this support for. Then set the Number of assessment questions to the desired number on the right.

  7. Select the checkbox confirming the student requires reduced Content Assessment questions. 

  8. Select Save and confirm that the accommodation appears beneath Courses Enabled.

If you need to disable this support for a student at any time, you can select the “x” on the tag for the course for which you’d like to disable the support. 


The platform will provide a prompt, confirming the removal. 


Once this support is disabled, the student’s future assessments will return to 10 questions. 

To manage student platform supports for multiple students at once, follow the steps in this article.

What scores do students need to pass an assessment with reduced questions?

For non-AP courses, students must answer no more than two questions incorrectly to pass.  For example: 



Where will students see that this support is enabled for them? 

On the Year page, the Score for a student’s assessment will reflect the reduced number of questions. 


On the Focus Area page, the Score Needed to Pass will reflect the reduction in the number of questions. 



Where will teachers see that this support is enabled for a student? 

Teachers can see the reduced number of questions on

  • The Students tab while viewing Focus Area attempts 
  • The Progress page activity 

The score while viewing Focus Area attempts in the Students tab will reflect the reduced number of questions for students who have this support enabled. 


Assessment scores on the Progress page will reflect the reduced number of questions for students who have this support enabled. 


Assessment scores in the Grading Modal will reflect the reduced number of questions for students who have this support enabled.  



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