How do I use drawing in Notebooks?

Notebooks includes the ability to draw directly. In this article, you can more information about:

Creating a drawing in Notebooks

  1. Click Insert in the toolbar
  2. Click Drawing to start a drawing
  3. A pop-up will open where you can create your drawing
  4. Click Save and Insert after you have finished drawing
  5. You should see the drawing you created in your Notebook!

Editing an existing image

  1. Click on an already-inserted image in a Notebook
  2. Click Open Drawing Editor to edit the image

What tools are available in drawing?

Drawing in Notebooks includes tools that can help you and your students create work on the platform. Click into the Drawing Editor and you'll find these features in the toolbar:

Move the drawing


  • Click the arrow icon to select multiple drawings or move the drawing you’ve selected
  • Click Group after selecting multiple drawings to move together
  • Click Ungroup to unbind multiple drawings from one another
  • Click Front or Back to move a drawing in front of or behind all other drawings
  • Click the Forward or Backward to bring a drawing in front of or behind another
  • Click Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical to rotate the drawing

Create shapes and lines

  • Click the dotted arrow icon to reshape a drawing you’ve created
  • Click the line icon to draw a line
  • Click the circle icon to draw a circle
  • Click the square icon to draw a square



  • Click on the paint bucket icon to color an entire area
  • Click Fill after selecting a drawing to choose the color
  • Click Outline to give color to a drawing’s outline


Other Tools

  • Click on the brush icon to freestyle
  • Click the eraser icon to erase
  • Click on the text icon to write text, and select the font from the top menu
  • Click the back arrow button to undo
  • Click the forward arrow button to go forward an action
  • Click Copy and Paste to copy-paste a drawing
  • Click Delete to delete a drawing
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