Specialized Support Profiles & Specialist's Hub Overview

Specialized Support Profiles

Specialized Support Profiles give support specialists and teachers shared visibility into a student’s areas of needed support, strengths, and progress. Specialized Support Profiles are designed to help support students that receive targeted support (i.e. interventions) or support through an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Support plan, or English Language Development program. These profiles centralize detailed information about each student's support areas and provide specialists and teachers a space to directly coordinate support strategies within the platform. As a result, teachers and specialists can make more informed decisions about providing differentiated support that drives each student’s growth. With Specialized Support Profiles, teachers and support specialists get:

Shared visibility and easy access to relevant information 

  • Teachers and specialists can see how one another is planning and implementing supports for each student.
  • Teachers and specialists can easily access key reference data (e.g., MAP data, student progress in Projects/Units) to help identify appropriate supports and challenges.
  • Teachers get automatic recommendations for which resources to assign to students in projects and math units, based on the learning needs that specialists identify for each student. 

Ability for teachers and specialists to communicate and collaborate 

  • In addition to having a shared view of support details, teachers and specialists can also communicate with one another about these details in the platform.
  • Teachers and specialists can leverage one another’s expertise by sharing recommendations, exchanging resources, and asking questions of one another leading to more coordinated, cohesive, and targeted approaches to supporting each student.


Specialist's Hub

Specialized Support Profiles are created by support specialists—an assigned role in the platform—via the Specialist's Hub. The Specialist's Hub provides additional features designed to meet the specific needs of support specialists, such as creating student groups, communicating with other educators, documenting their work, and updating and maintaining a student’s Specialized Support Profile. With the Specialist's Hub, support specialists get:

A dedicated place to organize and document their work

  • Specialists can group and monitor the progress of students based on the types of support needed and do so in a way that compliments how they routinely work with students.
  • Specialists have access to a historical record of decisions and communications around each student’s areas of needed support, strengths, and progress so that this information is on-hand when it’s most helpful.
  • Specialists can populate the high-impact information within a student’s Specialized Support Profile that equips teachers to make more informed differentiated support decisions during Project/Unit time.

To learn more details, visit the “What are Specialized Support Profiles & the Specialist’s Hub?” Learning Space resource.


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