Making Changes to Course Rosters

These instructions are for schools that are currently syncing with Clever. For schools with manual enrollment, please see instructions for Manual Enrollment Setup.

If your school uses Clever to sync data into the platform, that data can only be updated in your Student Information System (SIS)— there is no way to update Clever synced data directly from the platform.

Some examples of data that should be updated in Clever:

  • Adding or removing:
    • Sections
    • Students from a section
    • Teachers from a course
  • Moving:
    • Students between grade levels
    • Students between sections
    • Teachers between sections
  • Editing:
    • Teacher names and/or emails
    • Student names and/or emails

First, your SIS administrator will need to make any of the above changes in your SIS. Then, that information needs to sync with Clever, and finally, Clever will need to sync with the platform. 

Please reach out to your SIS administrator to make these changes. Your SIS administrator can often be part of your school’s tech team, a department lead, or a school leader. If you’re unsure who your SIS administrator is, please check with your school leader. 

We suggest following these steps if you need to update information in your SIS: 

  1. Reach out to your Student Information System (SIS) administrator. 
  2. Ask your SIS administrator to adjust your roster accordingly. The SIS administrator will then trigger a Clever to sync with SIS to update the information in the platform. Your admin should follow the instructions in this article to update your school’s SIS.
  3. After this happens, and the SIS administrator has confirmed that the email is in Clever, an administrator can trigger Clever to sync to Platform.
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