Assigning Differentiated Resources and Activities in Math Units

To use differentiated resources in your class, you first need to use the Learners tab to group your students. Once students are grouped together, you can tag and assign resources for those groups.

This article will cover information on how you can differentiate resources and activities in Math Units:

How do I group students in the Learners tab? 

For any Math Unit you teach, you will need to create student groups in the Learners tab before assigning differentiated resources. You can group your students by their previous Math Concepts, Focus Area data, or MAP scores.

To create these groups:

  1. Go to a Math Unit that you teach.
  2. Click “Learners” to the right of the Plans tab.
  3. You can either "Start from scratch" or "Start from suggestions."


    • Starting from scratch will allow you to create your own groupings.
    • Starting from our suggestions will group your students by their historical data.
      • You can always customize your groupings after starting from suggestions by using additional data outside of the Platform to inform adjustments to your groups. 
    • Learners Groups for Math Units, and Focus Areas are populated based on platform data which you can customize further. If MAP data is uploaded into the platform, Foundational Skills for Mathematics can be populated based on that data, and further customized.

      4. You'll then be able to use these groupings while assigning work from the Plans tab.

How do I tag activities/resources for specific groups?

Once you have created groups in the Learners tab, you will then need to tag the activity/resource for the group you'd like to differentiate for.

To tag activities/resources for specific student groups:

  1. Click into the Math Unit.
  2. Click "Edit Math Unit" on the top right.
  3. Click the Activity or Resource, and scroll to "Who Gets This Activity?".
  4. Deselect All Students and click "Add a Tag".

  5. Choose the group of students you'd like to differentiate for. 

  6. Click "Add".
  7. Click "Save".
  8. Click "Finish Editing".

How do I assign activities/resources to specific groups or students?

There are three ways that you can assign resources to specific groups or students :

Assign Math Unit pop-up window 

  1. From your project page, click “Assign Math Unit”.
  2. Click “Next: Select Cool Downs to Assign”.
  3. Click “Assign differentiated resources”. 
  4. From the right side of the resource you want to assign, click the Assign drop-down. 
  5. Select the group of students you want to assign the resources to.


       6. Click "Close”. 

Overview page

  1. From the Math Unit's Overview page, select a Cool-down and scroll down to the Differentiated Resource section.


2. Select the Assign dropdown next to the resource that you would like to assign. 

3. Select the box next to the group or student(s) you want to assign the resources to.

Plans page

  1. From the Plans page, scroll down to the resource you want to assign.

  2. Select the Assign dropdown next to the resource that you would like to assign. 
  3. Select the box next to the group or student(s) you want to assign the resources to.

Students with recommended resources will have “RECOMMENDED” next to their name. These recommendations are based on insights from Specialists on students’ Specialized Support Profiles and on Learners groups.


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