How can students edit their own Focus Area resources?

Students can edit and take notes in any Focus Area resources that are Notebooks. 

How can students edit Focus Area resources?

  1. Click into a Focus Area resource
  2. Click View Only in the upper right
  3. Click Edit Notebook

This creates a new Notebook that students can type in and edit. Please note that once students have made their own copies of this Notebook, any updates you make to the Notebook will not be shown in the students' copies. 

You can see these resources that students have edited from your Focus Area page.

To see your students' copies of Focus Area resources

  1. Click into the Focus Area from your course
  2. Click on (x student copy) next to a resource that students have edited

  3. Click into the resource to see your student's copy

This allows you to see your students' copies of their Focus Area resources. If you edit the original resource, those changes will not be distributed to the students' copies. If you delete the original resource, students will still be able to find their own copies of the deleted Focus Area resource on their Focus Area page. 

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