Text-to-Speech on Assessments

This article will cover text-to-speech for students on their assessments:

How do I enable text-to-speech on assessments?

Only platform admins can enable and disable text-to-speech on assessments for students. If you would like to enable this feature for a student, reach out to your school’s admin to have them enable the feature for a student

After text-to-speech on assessments is enabled for a student, they will see text-to-speech icons next to the question prompt, question answer options, and passages within their assessments. To hear the text read aloud, the student selects the icons.



How do I know if a student has text-to-speech enabled on their assessments?

There are two ways that teachers can see if a student has the text-to-speech feature enabled for their assessments. 

 From the Students page:

  1. Click “Setup”
  2. Click Students
  3. Find the student who you are wanting to see if text-to-speech on assessments is enabled
  4. Click the three dots next to the student's name
  5. Click the Manage Focus Areas tab
  6. If text-to-speech on assessments is enabled, then you will see: TTS_teacher_view_enabled.png
  7. If text-to-speech on assessments is disabled, then you will see:Text-to-Speech_teacher_view_disabled.png 

From the assessments page:

  1. Go to the Course page
  2. Select the Assessments tab
  3. In the Requests section, find the request for your student
  4. If text-to-speech on assessments is enabled, then the request will include “Text-to-speech enabled”
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