How do I enable text-to-speech on Content Assessments?

Platform admins can enable text-to-speech on assessments for students with IEP/504/ELD plans that require assessments to be read aloud. When you enable text-to-speech on assessments for a student, it enables text-to-speech on assessments for all content and diagnostic assessments across all courses that the student will take.

If you need to disable text-to-speech on assessments for a student at any time, you can follow the following steps, but toggle “Off” for “Text-to-Speech on Assessments”. 

To enable text-to-speech for each student:

  1. Click Setup in the left navigation bar
  2. Click Students
  3. Find the student who needs text-to-speech on assessments 
  4. Click the three dots next to the student's name
  5. Find the Text-to-Speech in Content Assessments section, located in Available platform supports.
  6. Select Turn on Text-to-Speech
  7. Toggle Disabled to Enabled
  8. Check “This student requires text-to-speech for Content Assessments in this course.
  9. Click “Save”

After text-to-speech on assessments is enabled for a student, they will see text-to-speech icons next to the question prompt, question-answer options, and passages within their assessments. 


To hear the text read aloud, the student should click the speech icon. mceclip0.png

To manage student platform supports for multiple students at once, follow the steps in this article.

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