How do I use Notebooks?

Notebooks include a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities designed to give teachers and students a more consistent, seamless, and integrated experience. 

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 How do I access edit history?

  1. Click on the Edit History icon in the upper right
  2. Switch to previous versions by clicking the timestamp along the right-hand side
  3. See new changes between versions
  4. Click Restore Version to restore a version of a Notebook
  5. Click on Current Version in the upper left
  6. You or your student can now see the version you have restored


How do I edit a Notebook?

You may need to edit a Notebook in order to make changes to your curriculum. If you open up a Notebook and only have "Viewing" access (visible in the upper right), please follow these steps. 

To edit a Project/Math Unit Notebook:

  1. Open up a Notebook you want to edit
  2. Click View Only in the upper right
  3. Select Editing
  4. Click Continue Editing
  5. Click Go to Copied Notebook

Note: if the Notebook is already assigned to students, you will need to unassign and reassign the Checkpoint or Activity in order for students to see the updated content. Learn more about assigning projects

How do I add comments?

hccolor6.png withaudiocommenthc.png

  • Give feedback on... allows you to add a comment
  • You can choose which cognitive skill you are giving feedback on, or choose Something else
  • You can Discard or Post a comment
  • After posting, you can Edit or Delete your own comment by clicking the three dots in the upper right of the comment box
  • Comments associated with removed text will appear on the right margin
  • You can respond to another comment to create a comment thread

To leave an audio comment

  1. Open up a student Notebook in a project
  2. Click Give feedback on...
  3. You can choose which Cognitive Skill you are giving feedback on, or choose Something else
  4. In the comment box, click the audio icon to begin recording
  5. Click the stop icon to stop recording
  6. You can click the play icon play your recording to hear it or click the trash icon to delete it

Students can see and play the audio comment in their Notebook



To attach resources, activities, and external links to comments

  1. Open up a student Notebook in a project
  2. Click Give feedback on…
  3. You can choose which Cognitive Skill you are giving feedback on, or choose Something else
  4. Click Share a Resource, a side panel will pop uprichc1.png
  5. In the side panel, attach resources to your comment


  1. Add your comment and click Post
  2. You can update the resources you attached by going back to the comment and clicking Update Resources

Students can see the resources you attached in the comments


To insert rubrics into comments

  1. Open up a student Notebook in a project
  2. Click Give feedback on…
  3. You can choose which Cognitive Skill you are giving feedback on, or choose Something else
  4. Click Rubric, and the Cognitive Skill Rubric will pop up
  5. In the Cognitive Skill Rubric, highlight parts of the rubric, click Insert Rubric Highlight 
  6. Add your comment and click Post
  7. You can update the rubrics you've inserted by clicking the three-dot icon and Edit
  8. To delete your inserted rubrics, you can click on the rubric and Delete on your keyboard

Students can see the rubrics you've inserted in the comments



What tools are available in Notebooks?

Summit Learning Platform Notebooks include tools that can help you and your students create work on the platform. Click into any editable Notebook and you'll find these features in the toolbar:



  • Add header (H1, H2, H3) formatting
  • Bold, underline, and italicize text
  • Add a hyperlink; you may also copy and paste links into a Notebook
  • Strikethrough text
  • Change the font style
  • Adjust the font size



  • Apply six different shades of highlight to selected text
  • Remove highlight from a portion of text



  • Left align, center align, right align, and justify
  • Create an ordered list
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Adjust line spacing
  • Left indent, right indent, hanging indent



  • An image file
  • A math equation
  • A table: Click on the icon to pre-select table dimensions before inserting the table.
  • A line break
  • A Youtube video
  • A Drawing
  • A Bookmark


To print a Notebook:

  1. You can anticipate how your Notebook will print by looking at the page break numbers alongside the border of the page
  2. Click the Print icon in the upper right corner  to print 
  3. Click Print in your browser print window. You can also use this time to change the layout, adjust margins, or download the Notebook as a PDF

Note: If your Notebook preview appears cut off, please try switching the print Layout to Landscape.print4.png

 How do I use accessibility tools?

Text-to-Speech and Voice Typing tools are built into every Notebook.

To access Text-to-Speech:

  1. Open a student Notebook
  2. Click Tools in the upper right
  3. Select Text-to-Speech
  4. Highlight the text you want to be read aloud
  5. Click the text-to-speech icon to listen to the text

To access Voice Typing:

Please have your School leader submit a help ticket to enable this feature at your school.

  1. Open a student Notebook
  2. Click Tools in the upper right
  3. Select Voice Typing
  4. Place your mouse in the desired place on the Notebook
  5. Click the microphone button to begin recording speech

 How do I demo a Notebook?

A Demo Notebook allows you to quickly go over a template to your class without showing real student work.

To use your Demo Notebook:

  1. Open up a Notebook from the Project Overview page
  2. Click View Only in the upper right
  3. Select Demo Notebook

Note: Selecting "Update Demo Notebook" will overwrite any content currently in your Demo Notebook. You can always see previous versions of your Demo Notebook using Edit History. To preserve a running log of Demo templates, please manually copy and paste the content of the template into your Demo Notebook at

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