Using Your Mock Student Views


Mock Student Views is a feature that allows teachers to view courses as a student. Enabling this feature lets teachers:

  • Explore how students use the platform to complete their coursework and prepare for mentoring check-ins
  • Try out specific platform actions students will take for your course—such as taking assessments or submitting projects
  • Demonstrate the student platform experience to other teachers, students, families and caregivers (without using a real student account)

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How do I set up Mock Student Views?

To set up your first course in Mock Student Views, you have two options: 

  1. Click your avatar at the bottom left, then select “Set up Mock Student Views.”


  2. Navigate to the Educator Tools page, then select “Your Mock Student Views.”



You will be taken to the Mock Student Views setup page. This page provides an overview of the feature. Please take a moment to review before selecting “Get Started!


After clicking “Get Started!” you will be asked to enable Mock Student Views for a course that you teach. Select from Subject and Grade level drop-down menus that you would like to set up.




When you’re done, click “Next.”

You will be presented with courses that most closely match your selection. If your course is not listed, select from the list of available courses in the drop-down menu. Select the course that you teach, then click “Next.”



You will have the option to add Mentoring to Mock Student Views. Adding mentoring lets you see how students experience Mentoring on the platform.



Select an option, then click “Next.”

On the confirmation page, you can review the courses for which you've just enabled Mock Student Views.



Click “Start Mock Student View” to explore the platform from a student’s perspective, or click “I’ll try it later” to exit.  You can always return to Mock Student Views by following “How do I view as my Mock Student?” instructions.

How do I view as my mock student?

There are two ways to view as your Mock Student. 

To view as your Mock Student from your avatar:

  1. Click your avatar on the bottom left of the platform
  2. Click “View as my Mock Student”


To view as your Mock Student from Educator Tools:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click “Educator Tools”
  2. Click “Your Mock Student Views”

  3. Click “Start Viewing” on the top right


How should I use my Mock Student?

Assign a project and see how it looks as your student

One valuable way that Mock Student Views can help develop a teacher’s understanding of the platform is by assigning a project as a teacher and viewing it as a student. 

  1. In your teacher view, select a project and assign to your Mock Student by clicking “Assign Project” in the upper right-hand corner, then select your *Mock Student* to assign.

  2. Select checkpoints to assign to your Mock Student.

  3. Now view as your Mock Student.
  4. From the Year page, click on the project to experience the project from the Mock Student’s perspective.

Attempt a content assessment as your Mock Student

Mock Student View is a useful tool to take content assessments as a student in your course. 

  1. In your Mock Student’s Year page, navigate to the Year page and select a Power Focus Area.
  2. As your Mock Student, submit a request to take the content assessment by clicking “Request.”

  3. Once requested, you'll need to approve the Content Assessment request as a teacher. To do this, exit Mock Student View by navigating to the bottom left-hand corner, hover next to your name, and click “Stop Viewing.”
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