School-wide Focus Areas Exemptions

To support schools that may need to adjust student expectations on the platform, admins can write in to exempt all power and additional focus areas that are off-track after a given day.  This means upcoming focus areas will not count towards student grades. We’ll automatically un-exempt at the beginning of the following year so that students can continue their work on these focus areas. 

Submit a ticket to our Help Desk with the following information: 

  • Confirm that you are the principal or administrator at your school
  • Provide the start day in which focus areas should be exempted   


How will this look for students?

Students will see exempted focus areas on the year page, the grading modal, and the progress page. 

Year Page:

Exempted Focus Areas move to a separate row on student Year pages. All exempted focus areas do not count towards a student’s grade. The remaining focus areas will be redistributed evenly across the power or additional focus area row. 

This example shows a student who had 3 remaining focus areas to master before the exemptions:

After exemptions, this student is only responsible for 1 focus area for the remainder of the year. This focus area, which was previously off-track, is now redistributed on the PFA row. All other focus areas have moved to the "Exempted Focus Area" row. The grade will not be negatively affected by the 3 exempted focus areas.

Grading Modal:

Students will see the exempted focus areas listed in the Exempted section of the grading modal.

Progress Page:

Student progress pages will update with the number of power or additional focus areas off track. In the below example, the student had 7 focus areas off track. After the exemptions, the student does not have any focus areas off track. 

Before exemptions: 

After exemptions:


Where can I see all of the exemptions?

Admins and teachers can see all exemptions in the reports from the Data Downloads page, the teacher data tables, and any .csv reports. There is an expected 24-hour lag in PDF progress reports and in the School Data Dashboard

To see all exemptions in one place, Admin users can go to the Focus Areas Exceptions page. Given the number of rows that will be added to this page, we suggest exporting this data into a .csv. 


To export exceptions:

  1. Click Setup from the left menu
  2. Click Focus Area Exceptions 
  3. Click Export Exceptions from the top right  

For more information to support making informed pedagogical decisions around Focus Area prioritization, check out this resource in the Learning Space.

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