Improvements to the School Data Dashboard

We know that data drives the implementation decisions that you and your teachers make at your school. To make that work easier, we made improvements to the School Data Dashboard that will help you:

  • See when the dashboard was last updated 
  • Find the data easily
  • Better understand the data

See when the dashboard was last updated 

Now at the top of the page, you can easily see the last dashboard update time.
The dashboard is updated every day, which means that you may see a difference between the data in the dashboard and areas in the platform that update with every teacher or student action. 

Find the data easily 

Previously you had to make several clicks to drill into the data. Now you can click ‘View details' and see an ‘overall’ page where you'll be able to quickly jump into the other tabs on the right. The new tabs give you grade level, mentor, teacher and course level insights. We also added 'View details' buttons across each tab so you can easily identify places where you can drill down to get more data. 



Better understand the data 

In order to make it easier for you to understand the data shown in the dashboard, we made 3 updates:

  1. Updated ceiling and floor tiers for math units such that it’s easier for you to know student progress and make data-driven action plans accordingly. Math-Units.png

  2. Improved Metric Labeling

    We added tooltips to Student Outcomes so that when you hover over the PFA, Overdue Projects, Cog Skills, and Math Units metrics, you can see the number of students and the percentage value for their respective categories.
  3. We modified the way that Project Based Implementation metrics are displayed. Now the data shown is aligned with the life cycle of a project. 


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