COVID-19 Platform Updates

From March to July 2020, we've launched features to support schools as they adjusted to closures and adapted to remote learning due to COVID-19. You can see these features here in this article.

To see all new feature launches, please check our Platform Updates article.

July 2020

  • Plan for Next Year with New Comprehensive Data Reports
    Now more than ever, schools need access to comprehensive data to understand how COVID19 school closures impacted student progress. School leaders can get this data in Data Downloads by exporting new grade-level and subject-matter reports--all from one source, even after academic year rollover--to help teachers plan targeted instruction to address any COVID-related learning gaps.


June 2020

  • Updating the calendar for the following year
    Previously, schools had to roll over to the following academic year before they could edit the calendar. Now, school leaders can set their dates before rolling over, which helps with planning for the next year. These dates also inform Success Managers support plans.
  • Using the Summit Learning platform over the summer
    We know that this year students may be working into the summer to make up course work. To make that easier, courses won’t lock as they have in previous years. This means you can continue to assign and score projects, students can continue to work on Focus Areas, and grades will update even after the last platform date at your school has passed. For more information, please see our Extended Learning FAQ.

May 2020

  • Student notifications for shared plans
    Students can now see when you share plans with them. They’ll get a notification automatically from their avatar from the bottom left of their page.

April 2020

  • In-platform announcements
    Teachers asked for a way to make announcements to students during school closures. We created an announcement feature that will allow teachers to post messages to their students directly on the platform. Learn more.

  • Sound alerts for Content Assessment Requests 
    Teachers can now enable a sound alert to hear incoming content assessment requests. Learn more.  

  • School-wide Focus Areas Exemptions
    Admins can now write in to exempt all focus areas that are off-track after a certain day.  This means upcoming focus areas will not count towards student grades. We’ll automatically un-exempt at the beginning of the following year so that students can continue their work on these focus areas. Learn more.

March 2020

  • Assessment Start-Time Extension
    Students currently have 10 minutes to start content assessments after a teacher approves the requests. We understand that 10 minutes may not be enough time with remote learning. In response to your feedback, we created an extension on assessment start times-- schools can now extend that start time to 30 minutes or 8 hours.
    To extend the assessment start time at your school, please have your school leader submit a ticket to request this change.
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