COVID-19 Platform Updates

With schools using remote learning during the COVID-19 school closures, the Summit Learning team will launch specific platform features to address the unique needs of our teachers and students during this time. You can keep up-to-date with each feature by checking this article. 

For feature launches unrelated to our COVID-19 response work, please check our Platform Updates article.


May 2020

  • Student notifications for shared plans: Students can now see when you share plans with them. They’ll get a notification automatically from their avatar from the bottom left of their page.

April 2020

  • In-platform announcements: Teachers asked for a way to make announcements to students during school closures. We created an announcement feature that will allow teachers to post messages to their students directly on the platform. Learn more.

  • Sound alerts for content assessment requests: Teachers can now enable a sound alert to hear incoming content assessment requests. Learn more.  

  • School-wide Focus Areas exemptions: Admins can now write in to exempt all focus areas that are off-track after a certain day.  This means upcoming focus areas will not count towards student grades. We’ll automatically un-exempt at the beginning of the following year so that students can continue their work on these focus areas. Learn more.

March 2020

  • Assessment start-time extension
    Students currently have 10 minutes to start content assessments after a teacher approves the requests. We understand that 10 minutes may not be enough time with remote learning. In response to your feedback, we created an extension on assessment start times-- schools can now extend that start time to 30 minutes or 8 hours.
    To extend the assessment start time at your school, please have your school leader submit a ticket to request this change.
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