Scoring Final Products

This article will cover how to score Final Products: 

How do I score Final Products?

You can score Projects once students have submitted their Final Products:

  1. From the Project page, click the Feedback tab.
  2. Select the Final Product (indicated by a star) from the left-hand side.
  3. Click on a student’s name to begin scoring each Cognitive Skill for their Final Product. Cognitive Skills will be listed on the right.
  4. Click on a Cognitive Skill to view the rubric and assign a score.


  5. Click Share Scores.
    • If you need a student to make changes to the Final Product, click Return for Revisions. The student will then need to resubmit the Final Product.
  6. If multiple students have submitted their Final Products, you'll be transitioned to the next pending student as soon as you click Share Scores.
  7. Click the "back" arrow in the upper left corner to return to the project page.

If you’d like to score multiple Final Products at a time, click Bulk Scoring from the Feedback tab. Enter the Cognitive Skill scores for each student, then click the Score Final Products button in the upper right corner to submit scores for multiple students at once.


How do I score a Project with multiple Final Products?

Some projects have multiple Final Products that students are expected to produce. When scoring a Final Product, only the Cognitive Skills relevant to the Final product being scored will appear. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that Final Products are associated with the proper Cognitive Skills. Learn more about setting that up here.

When will students receive scores on a final product?

Students will receive scores on a single Final Product once the “Share Scores” button is clicked. These Cognitive Skill scores will affect their overall grade at once, and students will see the status of individual Final Products on their Progress page and Year page.

Final_Product_Score_Shared.jpeg Final_Product_Score_Shared_Progress_Page__1_.jpeg

How are grades calculated if the same Cognitive Skill is assessed in two different final products within the same project?

Cognitive Skill grade calculations will remain the same, meaning that the highest of the scores will be taken whether they are assessed in the same project or across different projects.

  • If the same Cognitive Skill is assessed in two different Final Products within the same Project, then only the highest of those scores will be taken when determining the overall Cognitive Skills grade (unless or until this score is replaced by a higher score on the same skill). Learn more about Cognitive Skill grading here. 

Scoring the skill 'Communicating Accurately and Precisely'?

Communicating Accurately and Precisely assesses discipline-specific content and conventions. Unlike other Cognitive Skills, it is scored on a 5 level proficiency rubric. Click here to learn more about Cognitive Skills grades.

The Communicating Accurately and Precisely rubric appears vertically on Final Products and Checkpoints. 

To score a Final Product on the skill Communicating Accurately and Precisely:

  1. Select the skill name on the right-hand side.
  2. Select the appropriate level for the student's work. The equivalent grade percentage is indicated in parentheses. 
  3. Select Share Scores in the upper right.


How do I exempt a student from a Final Product?

If you need to exempt a student from a specific Final Product, you can do so from the Bulk Scoring view. 

To get to the student Bulk Scoring view:

1. Click into an assigned project.
2. Click into the Final Product.
3. From the right side of the page, click Bulk Scoring.


Exempt this student from Final Product

  • Exempts a single student from the Final Product.

Exempt only working students from Final Product

  • Exempts students with “Working” status from the Final Product. Students who are “Working” have not submitted nor been scored on the final product. 

Exempt all students from Final Product

  • Exempts all students from the Final Product, regardless of status.
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