Limited Access Accounts

Limited access accounts have access to Curriculum and Learning Space pages but are not be able to access any Setup pages.

You have a limited access account if you see a “Sorry, but you do not have permission for that." pop-up. 


There are two reasons for limited access:

  • Your school has not yet completed the Program Agreement.
    Once the agreement is completed, we will change your school's status and you'll gain full access to the platform.
  • Your account uses a personal email domain.
    Only email accounts belonging to districts and organizations have full access. 
    To ensure a higher level of privacy and security, we prevent personal domain emails (such as @gmail, @hotmail, etc.) from having full access to the platform. If your account was originally created with a personal email domain and you have a district or organization email, an admin will need to update your email address in your account.
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