How to create and use custom groups to assign differentiated resource


  1. To create groups for differentiation, click on to the Learners Tab
  2. If your students have scores for a given cognitive skill, click on “Start from Suggestions”. This will automatically group your students based on scores they have received for that particular cognitive skill.
  3. If your students do not yet have cognitive skill scores, click on “Start from Scratch”.
  4. If you don’t have cognitive skills data, then one way to group students is by checkpoint feedback.
  5. To group students by checkpoint feedback, open the feedback tab in a new browser tab. Sort the feedback by color. Then in the Learners tab, click “Create a group”.
  6. Once you have created your custom group and are ready to assign the differentiated resources, click on “Assign Project” and select the group in the dropdown menu.
  7. If the resource you are looking to differentiate is not available, click on “Edit Project” and manually tag the resource as a differentiated resource for students who struggle with, or need an additional challenge on a particular skill. Once the resource has been tagged, it will appear in the project assignment window.


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