Setting up parent/guardian accounts

Below are the instructions for school leaders to set up accounts for parents/guardians. Parents/guardians with accounts can access their own platform to see their students' academic work progress and can receive parent SMS (Your Parent Snapshot) if the school has it enabled.

  1. Collect parent information  
    To set up accounts for parents/guardians to access the platform, you should first collect parent information such as first and last name, email (optional), cell phone (optional), and preferred language (optional).
    If you'd like to bulk import this information into the platform, you will need to input the information into the parent contact information import template.

  2. Set up parent/guardian accounts
    After gathering the parent/guardian information, you can create the parent accounts on the platform. You can set up parent accounts individually or bulk import parent accounts.

  3. Notify parents/guardians of their accounts & encourage them to log in
    If emails were provided, parents/guardians will receive welcome emails with a link that directs parents to log in and create their passwords.

    If no emails were provided, teachers/school leaders will need to provide parents/guardians with their platform-generated usernames and passwords to log in. You can get usernames/passwords in bulk from the parent account information report or give parents/guardians their log-in information individually from the Students page. 

    Once parents/guardians have their log-in information, we recommend schools encourage them to log in so that they have visibility into their students' academic work, teachers' notes, and overall progress. 

    If parents/guardians forget their log-in information, you can help them by
    sending them passwords or resetting their passwords.
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