How do I set up parent accounts?

Instructions for school leaders on how to set up parent accounts and distribute parent login information:

  1. Collect Parent Information
    To create accounts for parents to access the platform, collect parent information using this template.

  2. Create Parent Accounts
    Next, create the parent accounts in the platform by setting up parent accounts individually or bulk importing parent accounts.

  3. Notify Parents & Encourage Log-in
    Once you’ve created their accounts, parents can log-in to view student work and grades.  
    • If emails were provided, welcome emails will be sent to all newly created accounts. The email includes a link that directs parents to log-in and create their passwords.
    • If no emails were provided, parents can log-in using a platform-generated username and password. You will need to download the parent account information and notify parents. 

If parents forget their log-in information, you can help them by sending or resetting their passwords.

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