How can I help parents log-in?

How will parents/guardians be notified of their accounts?

Parents/guardians will receive a welcome email when their account is first created. This welcome email includes a login button that they can use to log in and create their passwords.
Note: the login button doesn't expire until parents log in and change their passwords.

How can I reset passwords for parent/guardian accounts?

If a parent/guardian has forgotten their password, admins and teachers can reset passwords directly.


To reset passwords:

  1. Click Setup from the left menu
  2. Click Students
  3. Type in the student's name and click the three circles 
  4. Click the Parent or Guardian Tab
  5. Scroll to the parent's account and click Reset Password

This will generate a new plain-text password that teachers/admins can send to parents.  

Where can I export parent information (parent email, username, and password)?

Once parents have accounts set up in the Summit Learning Platform, teachers and admins can export parent information from the Students page. 


To export parent information:

  1. Click Setup from the left menu
  2. Click Students
  3. Click Export Parent Info 
  4. Select All Parent Info
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