Editing Assigned Projects

Depending on the types of edits made to an already assigned project, students may need to retrieve work they have completed if they have already begun working on the assignment. 

This article covers how to edit an already assigned Notebook, as well as how to retrieve a student's previous work.

Editing an Assigned Notebook

1. Select Edit Project

2. Open the Checkpoint, Final Product, or activity you'd like to edit the Notebook for.

3. Under What do you want to give each student? select Edit beneath the Notebook name.


4. Select Copy to make a new copy of the Notebook.

5. Select Edit again, to open the Notebook in a new tab.

6. Make the edits you would like to see, then return to the editing window. 

7. If it is your first time editing a Notebook that is already assigned, you will see the option to Save from the editing view.

  • If you select Save and see the following error message, you do not need to unassign and reassign this Notebook, as the changes will automatically update for your students. Select Update Anyway


If you do not see the option to Save, you will need to unassign and reassign the Notebook for your changes to show to your students. 

  • You can re-assign the Checkpoint, Activity, or Final Product back to the student once you’ve made changes to the original assignment. Your changes will be reflected then. After you do so, you and your student can retrieve any old work. 

8. Select Finish Editing

When a project is unassigned, all student work is automatically removed from the platform. Because you will no longer have access to the student work, please consider the number of students assigned to the project and how much work they've completed before unassigning the project.

Retrieve previous work as a teacher

1. Click on New Notebook next to any student’s reassigned notebook from the Feedback tab. If a student has not done any work in the Notebook, there will not be a 'New Notebook' status.


2. In the new Notebook, you will be taken directly to the student’s old work.


3. Review the student’s old work 

4. If no further action is needed from your student, you can click I’ve done this in the orange bar at the top of the page.


5. If your student needs to copy-paste their old work, they can use the following steps to do so.

Retrieve previous work as a student

1. Click into a project from the Year Page.

2. Click into the Checkpoint, Activity, or Final Product from Project Overview; the assignment that has been changed will have an orange notification bar.


3. In the new Notebook, you will be notified that your teacher has updated the notebook; Click Next.


4. You will be taken to any previous work you’ve done.

5. Review and copy any old work you want to keep; click Next.


6. Paste old work you want to keep at the top.

7. Click I’ve done this in the orange bar at the top of the page once you are finished.


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