Where can I see Focus Area exemptions and manually granted masteries?

Admins can see a list of Focus Area exemptions and manually granted masteries at their school all in one place. 

Go to the Focus Area Exceptions page to see:

  • Student
  • Focus Area
  • Type (exemption or manually granted mastery)
  • Reason 
  • Created By 
  • Created On
  • The option to delete the exception
  • Export of the Exceptions (on the top right of the page)

To get to the Focus Area Exceptions page:

  1. Click Setup from the left menu
  2. Select Focus Area Exceptions


To add an Exception:

  1. Click Add Exception
  2. Enter the student's name, email, or User ID
  3. Select the type of exception: Exemption, Manual Mastery, or Text-to-Speech
  4. Enter the name of the Focus Area
  5. Enter a reason for the exemption or manual mastery
  6. Check the box to confirm you understand when to exempt/grant manual mastery to a student


To delete an Exception:

  1. Click Delete
  2. Click OK

You can also manage masteries and exemptions for multiple students at a time.

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