How do I use the Mentoring page?

Learn how to use the Mentoring page to: 

View Student Goals 

Teachers or mentors can view student goals for any given day.  You can view student goals by Course, by Student Progress Views, or by an individual student.


From the Mentoring page, select the Goals tab.

Click the dropdown in the upper-right hand corner to view students' Goals Today, Goals This Week, Goals Last Week, or Goals Next Week.

View Mentor Insights

The Mentoring Insights bar displayed horizontally across the top of the Mentoring page contains three insights of your choice. By default, the following three insights are displayed:
  1. Overdue Check-Ins
  2. Weekly Practice Metrics
  3. Overdue Power Focus Areas
To customize the three insights displayed, click Customize from the top right of the page.
Select any three of the ten available insights:
  1. Overdue Check-Ins
  2. Weekly Practice Metrics
  3. Percentage of students with recent check-ins
  4. Checklist coverage
  5. Courses with overdue projects
  6. Red checkpoints
  7. Overdue Power Focus Areas
  8. Incomplete course grades
  9. Courses with <70% cog skill average
  10. Courses with <70% concept skill avg

Use the Mentee Profile Page

To see more details about your mentee, click on your mentee's name from the List, Week, or 2-Week views.
  • Start a mentor check-in
  • Record notes that are private from your mentee
Additionally, you will see details about:
  • How many times you have met with your mentee this year
  • Type of check-in agenda used with your mentee
  • Preview the content of the Mentoring agenda
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