How do I give students scores on Portfolio Problems?

Portfolio Problems are puzzling, complex, often application-based problems that accompany each Math Unit. Portfolio Problems are indicated by a star on the Overview and Plans pages. Please note that Portfolio Problems are not yet available in 4th or 5th grade Math Units. Read more about our Math Curriculum in our Math FAQs.

You can find Portfolio Problems under the Overview tab of Math Units. Select Portfolio Problems from the lefthand side and read over the Resources for Everyone.



You can also refer to the Plans tab for detailed information on facilitating Portfolio Time!



To score students on Portfolio Problems:

  1. From the Math Units page, click the Feedback tab
  2. Select the Portfolio Problem (indicated by a star) from the lefthand side
  3. Click on a student’s name to begin scoring the Portfolio Problem. The Portfolio Problem rubric will be listed on the right
  4. Click on a rubric level to assign a score. Click here to learn more about Portfolio Problem grading.
  5. Click Score.
  6. If multiple students have submitted their Portfolio Problems, you'll be transitioned to the next pending student as soon as you click Score
  7. Click the <- arrow in the upper left corner to return to the Project page.


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