Updates to Pending Enrollment

For schools that use Clever, all students synced in from Clever will appear in core parts of the Platform. However, teachers assigning Projects and Math Units will not be able to assign work to students until after students have logged in.  

In other parts of the Platform, all synced students will be visible. If your school is oversharing from Clever, admins and teachers will see extra students. 

While teachers will be able to assign Projects and Math Units to Little Abe because he has logged into the Platform, teachers will not be able to assign to Little Annie until she's logged in. 

If you are oversharing data and you don't want all shared teachers, sections, and students to appear in the Platform, please see Clever's Help Center article on how to adjust rules. You can adjust by grade level, sections, and individual students. You can also contact the Clever Help Desk for additional support. 

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