Whitelisting URLs for the Summit Learning curriculum

Before a student is able to access all of the resources in the playlists, your school might need to adjust the web filters at your schools’ network. Schools can create on-demand site-specific whitelists, or excel files of all URLs that your school filter should allow students to access, which will help make the whitelisting process easier. If your school has filters and the URLs are not whitelisted, students will not be able to access these resources. 

Important Note: If you are running into a "Sorry, there was an error while trying to update the project." error, we checking with your IT technician to see if "lpinfra.net" is whitelisted. If it was not and your IT technician whitelists, please wait 30 minutes before uploading documents into the platform again. For more information about this, please see What should I do to prepare my school technology for Summit Learning Program?


To access the URL Whitelists in the platform: 

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Curriculum 
  2. Click URL Whitelist 
  3. Choose the report type that fits the needs of your school 

    • Whitelist for All Courses (by Focus Area and Project) 
    • Whitelist for All Courses (by Date)
    • Whitelist for All Assigned Courses (by Focus Area and Project)
    • Whitelist for All Assigned Courses (by Date)

  4. Click Generatewhitelist.jpeg
    Note: It will take a few minutes to generate the list. 
  5. You will get an in-platform notification once the list is ready to be downloaded. 
  6. To download the CSV file you can either click in the notification or in the selected list. It will take 1 minute to download. Screen_Shot_2019-08-02_at_12.05.37_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-07-25_at_4.54.07_PM.png

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