How do I create and adjust my Mentoring Schedule?

The Summit Learning Platform mentoring scheduler gives teachers more flexibility, predictability, and control over their mentoring schedule. This enables teachers to more easily integrate mentoring time into what’s happening in their classrooms.

There are three views in the scheduler: the List view, Week view, and 2 Weeks view. 

New Mentors

If you are a new mentor, we recommend that you try the List view before creating a schedule. The List view shows two columns: Remaining Check-ins and Completed Check-ins. Students are first shown in the Remaining Check-ins list and are moved to the Completed Check-ins list after they've completed the check-in. The list will restart when all students are moved from the Remaining Check-ins to the Completed Check-ins list. 


You can sort the list by First Name, Last Name, or Date of Last Check-in by clicking the Sort button on the bottom of each list. 


Returning Mentors

If you are a returning mentor, you may use the week views to create and organize recurring check-in schedules. You can do this by:
  • Clicking on Create My Schedule.March_2023_Mentor_Create_My_Schedule.png


  • After adding the time you want to spend each day on mentoring, you can create your master schedule. You can drag and drop students to adjust your schedule from this window.


Edit Recurring Schedule

To edit the recurring schedule, click Settings at the top of the page. mentoring_settings.jpg

Click into the Recurring Check-Ins tab and select Every Week or Every 2 Weeks. Drag and drop the students to the new day you will meet with them.

2023-08-08 11_23_01-Summit Learning.png

If you haven't completed your check-in with the student already, your schedule will update automatically. 

Add a Check-in

If you do not want to change the recurring schedule, you can instead add an additional check-in for a student outside of their regular schedule. Y

You can add the check-in by clicking Add Check-in under the date in the Week or 2 Weeks view. 


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