How do I administer a Learnosity End of Unit Assessment?

IM (Illustrative Mathematics) courses in the base curriculum include Learnosity End of Unit Assessments that students can complete online.

To begin administering the assessment:

  1. Navigate to your Math Unit
  2. Select the Overview or Plans tab.
  3. Find your End of Unit Assessment. This is indicated by a star icon ★ and the name "End of Unit Assessment". Note that Portfolio Problems are also indicated by a star icon.
  4. Click Manage AssessmentScreen_Shot_2019-08-05_at_9.02.32_AM.png
  5. Select which students should start the assessment. Click Select All to select all students. Note that you can omit certain students from the assessment if they are not present in class. 
  6. You can change the Assessment Duration to match your class period. Click the + or - buttons to add or subtract time
  7. When ON is highlighted in dark grey, Assessment Mode is enabled. Please refer to this help article about setting up Assessment Mode at your school.
  8. Click Start to begin the assessment. Once the teacher clicks Start, the Assessment Duration will begin to count down for all selected students.
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