How can I use curriculum from another site?

As long as Curriculum Sharing is enabled, schools can view and copy the curriculum from other schools into their own Platform. To do this, the school that owns the curriculum should first make sure Curriculum sharing is enabled.

To enable curriculum sharing in a course:

  1. Go to the course and click Edit Course 
  2. Click Settings on the top right
  3. Check the Curriculum sharing box 

Once the course has sharing enabled, you can send the course URL to anyone at another site. For example,

The teacher from the other site can go to that course where they will see a Copy Course button on the top of the page. This will copy the entire Course, including all Projects/Math Units and Focus Areas, into their site.

If the teacher at the other site wants to copy a Project or Math Unit only, they can click into the Project or Math Unit from the Course to see the Copy Project button. They can then choose which Course in their site to copy the Project into. 

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