Notebook Overview

Notebooks is an online workspace—integrated directly within the Summit Learning platform—where students go to complete their coursework and receive meaningful teacher feedback. Notebooks was designed to help teachers deeply understand their students’ progress, as well as provide targeted instructional support based on each student’s needs.

Notebooks is a centralized place to evaluate student work and progress, improves a teacher’s ability to provide targeted feedback, and decreases distractions for students:

  • A centralized place to evaluate student work & progress:
    • Access to embedded cognitive skill rubrics: Relevant grading rubrics are conveniently integrated within Notebooksthis prevents teachers from needing to navigate outside of the assignment they’re evaluating and giving feedback on.
    • Easily track changes to student work: Teachers can easily see the changes students have made to their work over the course of multiple feedback cycles. This lets teachers quickly understand how a student’s work has evolved over time, without needing to look at multiple different documents or sources.
  • Improves a teacher's ability to provide targeted feedback:
    • Tag relevant cognitive skills directly to comments: Teachers can regularly connect the feedback they give to key, specific areas of a student’s growth & progress. This also helps students better understand why certain feedback was given and how it’s connected to their overall learning/growth.
    • Easily notify students when their work needs revision: Helps teachers communicate to students exactly which areas of their work need revisions, and how they can go about effectively making those revisions. This reduces ambiguity for students around how to address teacher feedback and whether or not they’re ready to move on.
  • Decreases distractions for students:
    • Minimizes common student distractions: Every feature/functionality included within Notebooks is specifically designed to support key skills and habits growth. As a result, we’ve intentionally excluded certain functionalities that we’ve heard tend to be distracting to students (such as extensive font and color choices, chat abilities, etc.). This helps students focus on completing their learning tasks at hand
    • Ability to embed YouTube videos: Sometimes students will need to watch educational videos relevant to their assignments. Rather than needing to open up a separate browser and navigate to the YouTube website (which can carry a host of distractions), students can watch these videos directly within their Notebooks workspace.
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