Notebook Overview

Students complete work in the Summit Learning Platform using Notebook documents.

Notebook has been built to accomplish three major outcomes, which we have created based on feedback from Summit Learning educators across the country. You can preview a Notebook yourself and find more information at our Notebooks Demo.

  • Feedback— Education research shows us that timely, relevant, trusted, and specific feedback systems compel student action and have a positive impact on academic outcomes. Notebook is designed to create more opportunities for teachers to do just that. Below are the features that will be available the first day of school.
  • Access to student work— Notebook simplifies all stakeholders in a student’s success ability to access their work. Teachers, school leaders, and parents will be able to access student work without complicated permissions settings.
    • Empowered families and caregivers are active partners in helping students set, monitor, and advance toward their goals and aspirations. With Notebooks, parents and caregivers will finally have access to student work through a “parent portal,” which will allow them to see their child’s work in real time.
    • New teachers, substitute teachers, and co-teachers will automatically have access to student work.
    • Instructional leaders and coaches will also have easier access to student work which will allow for more robust student work analysis to inform instructional practices.
  • Fewer distractions
    • There are limited formatting features for students by design (fonts, text colors, highlighters).  We’ve heard from teachers that sometimes students get focused on formatting or spend time playing with fonts rather than focusing on the work.
    • There is no chat feature within Notebook.
    • There are no other advanced features that are not needed by students because they are not aligned with the development of cognitive skills and habits.  The streamlined capabilities of Notebook will promote more focused work time and learning.
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