How do I select the agendas for my Check-Ins?


The Summit Learning Platform will auto-populate you and your Mentee's check-in agenda based on the time of year and frequency with which you are meeting.

To customize which agendas you use with your Mentee during your check-ins, you have two options:

Customizing General Agendas

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Select Agendas and then update which agendas you would like to use via the On or Off buttons
  3. Click Done

Customizing the Upcoming Week Agenda

  1. Click on Check-Ins and then select the Student with which you will checking in.
  2. Select the Dropdown under the student's name, which shows the scheduled agenda (e.g. "Progress" , "Connecting" , etc.)
  3. Select the Agenda you would like to use that week.
    1. You can preview the agenda ahead of time by clicking Preview under the Agenda.

Important: You should select the agenda at least two days of advance of your scheduled check-in, because your Mentee will receive the agenda the day before

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