How do I edit a Notebook?

You may need to edit a Notebook in order to make changes to your curriculum. If you open up a Notebook and only have "Viewing" access (visible in the upper right), please follow these steps. 

To edit a Project/Math Unit Notebook:

  1. Open up a Notebook from the Project Overview pageScreen_Shot_2019-10-14_at_10.05.19_PM.png
  2. Click Viewing in the upper right
  3. Select Edit Notebook                                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2019-10-14_at_9.57.38_PM.png
  4. Click Continue Editing
  5. Click Go to Copied Notebook

Note: if the Notebook is already assigned to students, you will need to unassign and reassign the Checkpoint or Activity in order for students to see the updated content. Learn more about assigning projects.

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