How do I modify a Notebook?

You may need to modify a Notebook in order to make changes to your curriculum. If you open up a Notebook and only have "Viewing" access (visible in the upper right), please follow these steps.

To modify a Project/Math Unit Notebook:

1. Click the pencil icon next to a Notebook from the Overview tab, or click Edit Project/Math Unit. Please look at these articles for more information on how to edit Projects or how to edit Math Units

2.In the edit window, click the title of the Notebook. Select Edit to begin modifying the Notebook

3. You may be prompted to make a copy to edit the Notebook. Click Yes. Note that once you've made a copy of the document to edit, you'll be able to edit this Notebook in the future by clicking on the Notebook through the Project/Math Unit Overview.Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_2.06.16_PM.png

4. Click Edit once more, or click on the box with the document title


5. You can now start modifying your Notebook in a new tab! 


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