Where are the legal documents that apply to me as a participant of the Summit Learning Program for the 2019-2020 school year?

The legal terms applicable to those who use the Summit Learning Platform as part of their participation in the Summit Learning Program are the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.  A new Privacy Policy and User Agreement will be made available for the 2019-20 school to reflect the shift in the operation of the Program from Summit Public Schools to a new nonprofit, T.L.P. Education The new documents are expected to be effective on June 24, 2019.

Some of the changes compared to Summit Public Schools’ own privacy policy and user agreement are described below. Nothing is changing about how the Summit Learning Platform collects or uses student personal data.

  • User Agreement
    • The prior version of this agreement was between users and Summit Public Schools. It is now between users and T.L.P. Education.
    • Removed provisions that are applicable to schools but not relevant for users. Examples include arbitration, class action waiver, and indemnification.
    • Added a commitment to provide users with 30 days notice for any material changes to the Terms.
    • Simplified the language to make it clearer.
  • Privacy Policy
    • Committed to provide users with 30 days notice for any material changes to the policy.
    • Simplified the language to make it clearer.
    • Added more detail regarding the technical aspects of our security practices, including creating a Security Whitepaper.

For those looking for the 2018-19 Terms of Service or Privacy Policy effective up until June 24, 2019, they are available here and here.

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