How do I adjust the course start dates for individual students?

Course Start Dates allow Admins to adjust how courses appear on a student's Year page, similar to Semester/Quarter Courses. This adjustment is recommended for individual students who may miss a significant amount of school, transfer students, or students who are changing course enrollment in the middle of the term.

By changing the Start Date, Focus Areas will redistribute across the Year page to better reflect the total amount of time students will have to work on them between their Start Date and the End Date. As such, for transfer students, it is often recommended to change their Start Dates and exempt them from Focus Areas that they will not be held responsible for.

  1. In the Summit Learning platform, click Setup.
  2. On the next page, select Data Uploads.
  3. Under Select Data Type, select Student Course Start/End Date.

  4. Download the Student Course Dates Template.

  5. Add Student Email, Course Name, Course ID, Start Date, and End date into the template and save into your device. Please ensure all data is entered and formatted correctly.
  6. Once you’ve created your Student Course Start/End date CSV, click Choose a file and select your .csv to upload.
  7. Upload your file. If there are errors, update your CSV to fix the errors, and upload again.

Note: You can find course ID's in the URL. Click into each course and the Course ID is the 6 digit sequence at the end of the URL. 

For example: Course ID: 111111

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