SBAC Dashboard

The SBAC dashboard is a feature on the School Data dashboard that gives school leaders insight into how students at their school are performing on state accountability standards. 

We know that testing information is most valuable when it is presented in the context of other signals on student progress. That is why we have added SBAC data to the School Data page, where you will be able to analyze it alongside Summit Learning implementation data and MAP data. We hope that bringing these data signals together in one place will give you a broader picture of how your students are doing, help you prioritize how you support students and teachers at your school, and make it easier for you to share student progress with your parents and community. 


School leaders can view data by grade, gender, ethnicity, and other status. The dashboard groups data by Not met, Nearly met, Met, and Exceeded, and shows students’ individual scores on the right.

To turn on the SBAC dashboard, follow these instructions. Be sure to select the instructions for your state.

Note that the Summit Learning Platform will only show data for students who were in the Summit Learning Program at the time of the SBAC assessment. If you want to see data for students who were not part of the Summit Learning Program last year, but are now, reach out to us at with this request, and we'll enable data for those students. We can only show data for students who have accounts in the Platform.

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