Grade Configuration Updates

In response to feedback, we’re now enabling schools to choose how individual course grades are configured. Starting the 2019-2020 academic year, schools will be able to control how much factors—such as Cognitive Skills scores and Focus Area progress— determine students’ grades within specific courses. As a result, schools can now customize grade configurations to fit the unique needs of each course (versus requiring all courses to follow the original 70:30 Cognitive Skill score to Focus Area progress weighting ratio).

Summit Learning’s grading philosophy is based on research that emphasizes the importance of building cognitive skills, as strong cognitive skills are proven indicators of academic and career success. In line with this philosophy, this flexible grading configuration gives schools the opportunity to add an increased emphasis on cognitive skill development. This flexibility should also make it easier for schools to communicate around how grades are determined, since schools will be able to own the set up of their grading system.

Who will be in charge of setting grading configurations?
School leaders will assign specific school personnel to the role(s) of “Grade System Manager” (school leaders may decide to assign multiple grade system managers to a given school; in some cases, the school leaders may even assign themselves as grade system managers). Grade system managers will work with their school’s leaders, teachers, and Summit Learning mentor in order to determine appropriate course grade configurations. School leaders can start assigning this role through the platform’s set-up page starting May 1, 2019.

Will we receive coaching on which grade configurations are best for our school?
Yes! Your Summit Learning mentor will guide you through setting up your school’s grade configurations. If you’re attending summer training, you will have additional opportunities to receive support.

When will we be able to set our course grade configurations?
Grade system manager(s) can begin setting course grade configurations starting June 10, 2019. The configuration window will close approximately two weeks before your school’s first day of the new academic year.

Will course grades from this current AY 18-19 school year be affected by the configurations?
No. Only course grades for the upcoming school year will be affected by the updated grade configurations. Students’ previous grades will not be affected.

Will our school be able to edit our configurations after the new school year has started?
No. Once the configuration window closes (which is approximately two weeks before your school’s first day of the new academic year), no changes to course grading configurations can be made.

Have additional questions? Please reach out to your Summit Learning mentor or file a Help Desk ticket.

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