How can I see my child's grade summary?

Once logged in with your parent login, visit your child's dashboard, and then go to the Progress Page. The grades panel on the right side gives the current academic grades. Courses with grades are on or ahead of pace. Courses with Incomplete need attention.

The student grade summary is a circular graphic detailing how project and focus area grades contribute to the final course grade. Explore the separate tabs to see a breakdown of your child's project and focus area scores.

Specifically, the summary includes:

  1. A circular visual displaying course grade and breakdown showing how project and focus area progress contributes to the final grade.
  2. Interactive tooltips explaining the grade or status.
  3. A projects / math concepts tab displaying all cognitive and/or math concept skills accessed and well as future skills that will be accessed.
  4. A power and additional focus area tab making it clearer to see how many assessments have been mastered, and attempted.

Projects / Math Concepts Tab



Power Focus Areas Tab


Additional Focus Areas Tab


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