Grading Modal Overview

The grade summary displays a circular graphic detailing how course component grades contribute to the final course grade. Additionally, there are separate tabs for students to see a breakdown of their scores. 

Specifically, the grade summary includes:

  • A circular visual displaying course grade and a breakdown showing how each component's progress contributes to the final grade.
  • Interactive tooltips explaining the grade or status.
  • A tab displaying all Cognitive Skills or Math Concepts accessed, as well as future skills that will be accessed.
  • A Power and Additional Focus Area tab, making it clearer to see how many assessments have been mastered, and attempted.

Projects/Math Units Tab


Power Focus Areas Tab


Additional Focus Areas Tab



Until a teacher scores a Math Concept or Cognitive Skill, the grade summary will show a dash in the Grade and Earned column. The overall grade will also show a ‘Waiting’ status until the student receives a score. You can still see the current grade of a student below the “Waiting” status and also hover over the score to view the tooltip. 



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