How do I score a Project with multiple Final Products?

Some projects have multiple Final Products that students are expected to produce. When scoring a Final Product, only the Cognitive Skills relevant to the Final product being scored will appear. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that Final Products are associated with the proper Cognitive Skills. Learn more about setting that up here.


When will students receive scores on a final product?
Students will receive scores on a single Final Product once “Score Final Product” button is clicked. These cognitive skill scores will affect their overall grade at once, and students will see the status of individual final products on their Progress page and Year page.


How are grades calculated if the same Cognitive Skill is assessed in two different final products within the same project?
Cognitive Skill grade calculations will remain the same, meaning that the highest of the scores will be taken whether they are assessed in the same Project or across different Projects. If the same Cognitive Skill is assessed in two different Final Products within the same Project, then only the highest of those scores will be taken when determining the overall Cognitive Skills grade (unless or until this score is replaced by a higher score on the same skill). Learn more about cognitive skill grading here. 

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