Visual Update

We've heard feedback that navigating around the Summit Learning Platform is difficult, that it is difficult to use the platform on small screens, and that color contrast doesn't work well on projectors and some Chromebooks.

We've taken that feedback and update the Platform to meet these needs. These design updates aim to improve information hierarchy and color contrast, especially on complex pages on low quality screens or projectors. Specifically, the updates include:

  1. A collapsable left menu that gives more screen real estate to the content on the screen
  2. “Index pages”, or sub-menu pages, when you click on Educator Tools, Setup, and Curriculum
  3. Access to student groups from one page rather than from the left menu
  4. Improved navigation cues, or “breadcrumbs” that help you understand what page you’re on in the Platform
  5. A color background that provides more focus on tasks at hand
  6. Bolder type styles that fit accessibility standards

Here is the rollout plan for this feature

  1. You can get early access to these changes starting on November 12, 2018. Learn how to get early access.
  2. You will be forced into these changes starting in January 2019

What the changes look like:

Collapsed Left Menu


Directory Pages Nav.gif

Learning Space before/after (breadcrumbs)


Student Groups page before/after


Week page before/after


Year page before/after



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