How do I set up my mentor section and assign mentees?

For schools that use enrollment codes:
1. Go to Mentoring from the left navigation menu
2. Click Create Mentor Section
3. Select Mentor as the subject of the Section, click Next
4. Fill out a name for your mentor section, click Next
5. Keep the course as Mentor, click Next
6. Type in your email address to add yourself as a teacher, click Next
7. Click Save
To assign Mentees:
1. Click Assign Mentees in the upper right hand corner
2. Type in students' emails at the bottom search bar
3. Click Add "Student" to "Mentoring Section" at the bottom to add

For schools that use Clever:
1. On the left-hand menu, select SetupScreen_Shot_2018-02-14_at_2.24.39_PM.png
2. Click Sections 
3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the mentoring section 2018-09-26_at_4.31_PM.png
4. Select the Courses tab
5. Select Add Courses to this Section
6. From the Subject dropdown, select Mentor
7. Click Add to Course


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