How do I incorporate Summit Learning curriculum updates to my Math Units?

The Summit Content Team continuously develops and maintains the Summit Learning Base Content and Curriculum. Users can choose to accept or reject these changes.

  1. Select a Math Unit to check whether it has any updates. If it does, there will be an orange banner with a View Updates button

  2. To review a message from our Curriculum Team on what has changed, click View Updates. For a more detailed look, you can click the bolded text to visit the Base Curriculum version of the Math Unit

  3. Clicking Yes, update my project will replace your version of the Math Unit with a copy from the Base Curriculum. Please note that any edits you made to your Math Unit will not be preserved when you accept the update
  4. Clicking Decline update will dismiss the update message until the next update arrives for this Math Unit

If your Math Unit is already assigned, you won’t be able to click the update button. If there are changes you’d like to receive, you can navigate to the Base Curriculum version by clicking the bolded text. From there, you can compare the updated version to your own version of the Math Unit and manually edit your Math Unit to reflect the updates. For instance, you could download an updated document in the Base Curriculum version to your own Google Drive or OneDrive, and then upload it to your version of the Math Unit.

If students haven’t started working on the Math Unit, you can also unassign the Math Unit and then accept the updates. Please note that students will receive new Math Unit documents when the Math Unit is re-assigned, and any of their old work will be removed from the Platform. They can still find this work if they go to their Google Drive or OneDrive.

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