MAP Data Views

This article covers the MAP Data Dashboard pages. 

Understanding MAP Data Bars

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at the MAP data bars. While each bar is the same size, the horizontal position of each bar varies based on the number of students in that group that are above or below the Norm Grade Level Mean RIT. In the example below, the bar is skewed to the right. This means that the majority of the students performed above the Norm Grade Level Mean RIT.

In the below example, about half of the students performed below the Norm and half the students performed above the Norm.

Each bar is broken up into sections that represent the number of students in that group that are a part of that quintile. In the below example, 42% of the students performed between the 80-100th percentile and 38% were in the 61-80th percentile.

Click on the quintile sections to see the students in those sections on the right-hand table.

MAP Data Views

School View

This is the view you will see when the only selected option is the Test Term. Here you are looking at the MAP results for Spring 2018. The Reading, Math, and Language scores will be separated out.  


Grade Level View

When you select a grade, you will see a summary of each grade, along with breakdowns for each teacher that teaches students in that grade.


Teacher View

When a teacher is selected, you will see an overview of that teacher’s students, along with a breakdown of scores for each section that the teacher teaches. Note that teachers can only see data for students that they teach.



Sharing MAP Data Views

You may share the page you are viewing with other administrators and teachers at your school by sending them the URL of the page. Either copy the URL manually or click the “Share URL” button to automatically copy the URL to your clipboard. 


Note: Teachers will only be able to see their own classes in the dashboard. If a teacher opens up the MAP quintile page, they will always be filtered down to seeing their own classes.

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