Your Student Snapshot Overview

What is Your Student Snapshot?
Your Student Snapshot is an automated text messaging service to keep you informed about your child’s academic coursework and progress in the Summit Learning Platform. Summit Learning and your school administrators and teachers are using this feature because we want to communicate more with you about your students’ school experience and academic performance. We also want to better partner with you to support your student’s academic goals.

What types of text messages will I receive and how often?
Parents will receive a text message introducing the Your Student Snapshot program. After that, you’ll receive, on average, 2 text messages per week per child, and the texts will be personalized to your child’s own academic calendar and performance. The text messages will include notifications about coursework and grades (i.e., upcoming projects and whether your child completed the project or not, progress on passing focus area content assessments, growth in cognitive skills, course grades), and suggested tips and conversations starters for you to support your student’s academic goals.


How will this help me? Why should I participate?
The text messages are designed to:

  1. Help you keep more up to date on what your child is learning and how they are doing in school
  2. Help you better support your child’s academics by being informed about your child’s academic progress and by providing suggested tips
  3. Foster constructive conversations between you and your child about their academics through the suggested conversation starters   
  4. Create a common understanding and language among families, students, and faculty to talk about your child’s school experience and performance


Will I need to pay for the texts?
Standard text messaging rates apply. Check with your cell phone service provider on how much it costs to send & receive text messages with your plan.

Can I unsubscribe and/or resubscribe?
Yes! You can opt out of the program at any time by replying STOP, after the first introductory message is sent. If you want to resubscribe, just reply START.

Great! What do I need to do to sign up?
As long as we have a valid cell phone number for you in the Summit Learning Platform, then you’ll receive the first introductory message when your school launches the feature. If you’re unsure if you’ve provided one to us or need to update it, please reach out to your school's admin or site leader. The messages are available in English and Spanish. If you would like to have the messages in Spanish, please let your school's admin or site leader know so they can set that preference.   

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