What are the text messages that parents will receive?

Below is a sample messaging calendar; however, this is subject to change based on ongoing feedback and optimizations.

Each message includes a suggested action or question for the parent to ask the student as they are primarily intended to prompt dialogue between student and parent as well as improve parent understanding of their student’s coursework, academic progress, and how to support them.

The messages are based on our research of the information that parents are seeking to better support their children in Summit Learning schools, and that we have seen has the ones that would be most impactful to student outcomes and behaviors.


Message Topic


Weekly/Bi-weekly texts (based on student’s project calendar)

Upcoming projects due in the next week

Projects completed or overdue from previous week

Maureen has an English project and a history project due within a week. Ask Maureen: Did you receive teacher or peer feedback? What did they say?

Harry completed his English project and History project this past week. Ask Harry: How do you think you did on the project? Why?

Monthly texts

Power focus area progress update on which courses on-track / behind

Tips on how to support student, especially in Summit Learning Program

Celebration of improvement in cognitive skills in courses, when applicable

Lily completed 5 Power Focus Areas (PFAs) this month, and is on track in English 10, Modern World 2 & behind in Chemistry, Math II, and Spanish 2. Ask Lily: Which focus areas are you prioritizing this week and why?

30% of Susie's grade is based on content knowledge, which is demonstrated through focus area assessments. 

Eliza improved project scores in english and science last month. Ask Eliza: How well are you meeting your goals for grades?

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